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Francisca, de Vilassar de Dalt
Francisca, de Vilassar de Dalt:

Well all night...I can't remember probably because I was very young.

mercedes, de almeria
mercedes, de almeria:

In the last stag party that I was. In fact, I was up almost a weekend because we went out all night and the next day, we sailed on a boat until an amazing island.

Alvaro, de Córdoba
Alvaro, de Córdoba:

Well the last time I was up all night last Saturday I went to party in the afternoon and arrived at my house in the morning. I was up all night partying. Hahaha

Ana, de Barranquilla
Ana, de Barranquilla:

The last time I was up all night was 1 year ago because my daughter Anabella was laughing, I was out of bed to her crib, and turned on his lamp to discover that she had soiled her bed of baby poop. I spent all night cleaning the bed and cleaning my daughter. is a night I will never forget.

Ania, de Vitoria
Ania, de Vitoria:

A few days ago when my boyfriend went to work in the night shift, I decided to let the dog out, but I forget the phone and the keys inside, so I spent the night in a bar, after they closed, I went to the bakery and I bought the breakfast. The best thing of the night was when he come back home and saw me at the doorway,he said: oh honney! you're so sweet thank you for the breakfast!


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